Master Cleanse Day 6

July 13, 2016

So I only dropped 0.2lbs today but that’s ok. Since I started the Master Cleanse, I’ve dropped 11lbs. Woot woot! That’s good progress. I don’t really see the difference in my weight because I haven’t dropped any dress sizes yet. In terms of cravings, I haven’t had any so far since Day 4 when I went to my friend Josh’s birthday party at a bar.

My boyfriend even cooked a delicious dinner last night and I didn’t salivate or crave any of it. We even sat and watched Alton Brown make some yucky peach Melba with ice cream and some other fatty peach dishes full of sugar on Cooking TV.  I also got in about two hours of playing Xbox Fitness games that had me sweating for a bit.  I felt great and full of energy.

Fever and Sore throat on Master Cleanse

Today though I woke up with a sore throat and my ears slightly plugged. I think this is the detox phase where I get a lot of mucous buildup and those toxins coming out. My face is mighty greasy and I have tiny whiteheads on my face. I’m breaking out. Others who’ve gone on the cleanse have said they broke out on Day 3 and started clearing up on Day 5. Not the case for me. I was more lethargic on Day 4 and 5 with spurts of energy but my skin was clear.

I am starting off with the salt water flush this AM followed by my daily lemonade mix. I have cut down the maple syrup to one tablespoon because frankly, two tablespoons results in an overly sweet lemonade that I can’t stomach for a long time.

One note about the Smooth Moves tea at night: I drink it around 10pm before bed and I end up getting up around 2:45am and heading for the toilett.  I am not sure if it works faster because I sleep on my right side, which allows liquids to get to the small intestines faster. Anyone else have this middle of the night urge to purge? I am thinking I might start taking the Smooth Moves tea in the AM followed by the Salt Water Flush or just doing the Salt Water Flush by itself.

I am mighty thirsty. So I need to up the intake of water today.

Uhmm…this Master Cleanse detox is serious. Not only is my face breaking out with tiny white bumps, my throat is really scratchy. It feels like the beginnings of a sore throat. I had a light cough. My back, neck, calf muscles are so tight I feel like I did a heavy weight lifting workout.

I spent the day in Prospect Park with a few friends just enjoying the sun but I felt chilly and achy all over. Sort of like having the flu. By the time 8pm rolled around, I was in full flu mode. I had a fever with elevated body temperature. My throat hurt, my voice was gone, had a terrible headache and my entire body hurt like hell. I took a hot shower and slept on my heating pad. I had two cups of hot peppermint tea to sooth my throat but that was it. I didn’t have any more lemonade for the rest of the night and also skipped my Smooth Moves tea. On to Day 7!

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