Master Cleanse Day 4 & 5

July 12, 2016

Yippee! Day 4 and 5 of the Master Cleanse is now complete and I am getting the hang of this cleanse.  I’ve gotten into a smooth routine now where I start the day with my Salt Water flush, followed by six to eight glasses of the lemonade mix. To calm the boredom, I have a glass of sun brewed peppermint tea, which adds a new flavor element to my cleanse.

Even though I’ve had five solid days of cleansing, I am still finding it terribly difficult to chug this fucking Salt Water.  I know it’s good for clearing out the gunk but damn I hate that taste. On the flip side, I am 10.2lbs lighter on Day 5. So…bottoms up ladies! Chugging away!

master cleanse day 5

Here is what I’ve learned so far on after five days doing the Master Cleanse.

  1. Everyone’s experience is different.  For me, I still have some cravings and temptations.  It’s often difficult for me to find the silver lining in all of this but each time I flush, I see the reason why this cleanse is so beneficial.
  2. You can’t escape the middle of the night bathroom trips if you sip on the Smooth Moves tea before bedtime.   It takes about three hours for the tea to start doing its thing and I usually wake up around 3:30am to go expel the waste from my system.  So I have to say I am not getting the insanely good sleep the Master Cleanse forums have been talking about.
  3. My bowel movements after the Salt Water Flush has now consistently been water the first two or three times, followed by mucus bits that come out.  Since I am drinking nothing but liquid, the stuff coming out during my BMs has to be old gunk that has been stuck in my system for decades.
  4. I started going on 45 minute walks during the day to get some sun as well as a little exercise.  I know the Master Cleanse doesn’t allow exercise but I am going with the flow and listening to my body.
  5. I went to a few parties over the past two days and I found that I wasn’t as tempted to eat meat and snacks offered to me.
  6. Unless you tell people you’re on a cleanse, no one really notices what you’re doing at a party.  I find it easier to just be mum about my cleanse than to tell people during a party. I don’t want to answer questions or be persuaded to stop cleansing.
  7. Cheating is not an option for me. I have dropped over 10lbs of waste and water, which is encouraging because I am now seeing spikes in my energy. I do take my naps during the afternoon but just a quick power nap to reinvigorate my senses.
  8. Water is still my very best friend.  I sip about one gallon each day now.

I feel very encouraged by the inner circle of friends who know what I’m doing and have become my biggest cheerleaders.

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