Ralph Lauren Ralph Love Perfume

July 13, 2016

As a self professed fragrance addict, I can be found at any department store or beauty boutique counter asking for samples of the latest fragrances. I have my tried and true perfumes that I replenish twice a year due to excessive use. My taste in perfumes runs the gamut from musk and woody scents to intoxicating floral and fruity scents, I feel that its my prerogative to change my mind and my scent anytime I want.

Ralph Love Perfume

The very first adult fragrance I bought back in high school was Ralph Lauren Romance to wear to prom.  This perfume is a forever favorite.  I recently tried another fragrance from RL, Ralph Love by Ralph Lauren.  It’s the second iteration on the original Ralph scent and though I haven’t tried that one, Ralph Love evoke a bright, fresh airy scent that automatically makes me happy.

Ralph Love EDT is flirty and sweet with notes of luscious red apple, pink cotton candy and rose absolute.  The scent is light and not very overpowering.  I have been wearing Ralph Love all summer and have gotten some great compliments. It retails from $42 to $76 depending on the size.


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