Master Cleanse Day 7

July 17, 2016

It’s Day 7 and I am still feeling icky on the Master Cleanse. I woke up early around 6am feeling energized and ready to tackle the day. I have this burst of energy but I have body aches and a sore throat from Day 6. Thank goodness for my heating pad, which I slept on all night long. T also gave me a wonderful massage to loosen up my muscles a bit. As I mentioned, my muscles still ache but not as bad as last night. The scratchiness in my throat has been replaced by a very mild pain when I swallow.

On the flip side, I have so much mucus coming out of my nose and throat that I keep hacking up stuff every few minutes. It’s actually pretty gross. I think I am now knee deep in the cleanse. From what I’ve read, everything is supposed to clear up around this time with my tongue returning to its pink color. This is not the case. I am purging big time and I know it’s because I have decades of toxins that need to come out of my system.


Master Cleanse Day 7

In terms of weight loss, I dropped 1.4lbs this morning, which I still believe is waste weight I’ve been ridding my body off each morning with the Salt Water Flush.  According to Peter Glickman’s Master Cleanse book, each day’s cravings and symptoms are flushed the next day with the Salt Water Flush.  I had my Smooth Moves tea last night and woke up pretty early to run to the bathroom to expel waste.

I am happy to report I am not craving coffee, sugar or fatty foods.  I also don’t miss alcohol as much as I thought I would.  I am looking forward to getting my body to crave the good stuff and not all the bad.  On to Day 8.

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