Ralph Lauren Purple Label RTW 2014

August 27, 2013

Purple Label

Ralph LaurenRalph Lauren has struck again, this time with his Ready-to-Wear Spring 2014 Purple Label collection. Ralph Lauren has set its eyes on creating brands that can be pushed away from that of Ralph Lauren. This offers a more focused way to showcase each brand under the Ralph Lauren umbrella in a more firm atmosphere.

Ralph Lauren reported to WWD.com that it’s “very possibly on the cards,” to have a free standing Purple Label store. Now that’s the way to suit up a brand for potential success. With Ralph Lauren’s continued growth, having each brand with its own target audience and individual store is strategic thinking on behalf of the company.

The Purple Label itself has a distinction of its own; its classic sportswear pieces that have been transcended from above. The Purple Label comes with leather jackets, blazers, shorts, jeans and pants, outerwear and suits. Spring is throughout the collection with bold orange pants, lime green sweaters, purple oxford shirts and of course the classic whites and cream. It takes a strong man to wear the merriment of colors and styles that the Purple Label offers. But it also takes a deep wallet as well. One of the most eye-catching items Ralph Lauren has created in this collection is a crocodile jacket costing $90,000. Don’t know about you, but you can buy my car three times for this price.


If you want to still standout without such a big price, Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label comes with great accessories. The label has bench made shoes and hand-sewn furnishings exquisitely crafted from the finest materials. Polka-dot scarves, pocket squares, silk cummerbunds, and paisley silk twill ties tie it all together.

The Ralph Lauren Purple Label is a very grown up type of brand that has an incredible amount of options for men. Shop the Purple Label collection online today.

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