Perricone MD – Photo Plasma for Men

August 27, 2013

Photo Plasma

Photo PlasmaPhoto Plasma by Perricone MD has me really excited to wash my face. I have to admit I’ve tried a lot of products for men which haven’t proven worth the purchase. We see tons of cosmetic products for women from leading brands. However, when it comes to heightened awareness of what is offered for men, it’s few and far between.

Fortunately for men, cosmetics don’t have to focus on what smells good. It’s all about the results. Leading the pack is Perricone MD who has created Photo Plasma. The name makes me wonder if I’m volunteering for a science project or if this is a result from a really bad photo. Nevertheless, Photo Plasma is a notch up for anti-aging moisturizers that’s great for men and women. The texture is almost seamless as if you are toughing the finest of silks.

Because of the light moisturizer, Photo Plasma is easy to absorb and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and fresh. According to Perricone MD, they have a number of claims that makes an infomercial seem harmless. Photo Plasma fights sun exposure, stress, pollution, extreme cold, excessive heat, dehydration, smoke and the list goes on. All of this in a moisturizer makes one demanding beauty product. Fortunately, this will not be a science project as the ingredients are non-chemical and paraben free.

What I like the most about Photo Plasma is the added benefits. It provides your skin with Vitamin C Ester, SPF 30, brightens skin and helps remove spots. Coupled with anti-aging I’m excited to try this product and see what results I get. For more skin care treatment, Perricone Md also has Blue Plasma, Cold Plasma and a number of products for face and body via their website. They also have a Blockbuster package with 4 anti-aging products for $195. Photo Plasma is their newset product costing $69.


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