Chris Burch Tells Gayle Kind He’s No Copy Cat on CBS This Morning

June 28, 2012

By now you’ve heard of a little store called C.Wonder and its mission to dominate the fashion industry with affordable preppy clothes, accessories and home goods, one city at a time.  At the same time, I am sure you’ve also heard that this store is the brain child of designer Tory Burch’s ex-husband Chris Burch, who stepped down as co-chair of the Tory Burch label after a bitter feud over his new company copying Tory’s aesthetic.

Chris’ store C.Wonder is selling preppy wear like hot cakes, filling up his Soho store with girls looking for bright colorful clothes that won’t break the bank.  I’m actually obsessed with his shoes and accessories, which are affordable gems my wallet can stomach.  The question that has been on every fashionista’s mind is, did Chris copy his wife’s successful formula of creating preppy wear? If you asked Tory, she would say “HELLZ YEA!” Chris, however, doesn’t seem to think so.  He went to Oprah’s bestie, Gayle King to tell his side of the story on CBS This Morning.

The gist of the interview is that Chris Wonder, I mean Burch, is no copy cat.  He’s a business man and knows what will sell. Oh and he also has ADD, which has made him tougher because through his struggles in prep school, he was able to overcome the odds and start his first business right out of college. Now isn’t that an American success story.  Excerpts of the interview are below, as well as the video.

KING: People could say, when they look at the C. Wonder brand, it looks like he’s ripping off Tory Burch. And to that you say? 

BURCH: Well, in a way. You know, you have to understand, I started my first brand when I was right out of college by selling door-to-door at college campuses. So, I’ve been in the business a long time.

KING: But, do you think that the two brands look similar because when I first looked at your line I did think it was Tory’s brand. Do you think they look similar?

BURCH: It certainly doesn’t look like Tory’s brand. It’s the association of the name gives some people that indication. I think the aesthetic is the same.

KING: I’m fascinated by exes working together. How does it work? Is it a good working relationship between the two of you?

BURCH: Yes. This is really interesting though because there’s conflict with any relationship. There’s conflict in anything. I think Tory, and both of us, care. Our number one priority is how do our stores look and what are our customers getting. 

KING: I think you’re an interesting person because you’ve talked very candidly about ADD. That you have ADD. Do you think it has helped you in your career?

BURCH: I don’t think there’s anything better than growing up with ADD or ADHD. I was last in my last prep school class and last in my high school class. I think that kids that suffer when they’re younger, and that struggle, have a better appreciation for the world and life.

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