DKNY, The Fragrance: Capturing the Spirit of New York

April 28, 2011

It was the kiss seen around Times Square on Friday morning.  A tender moment between two lovers while standing on top of a yellow cab, caught by photographers, bloggers and tourists.  This was no ordinary kiss, it  was a sensual moment between models Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic, the real life engaged couple who serve as the face of the new campaign for the new DKNY women’s fragrance.  The couple arrived in a yellow cab with the perfume ad perched on top and proceeded to gracefully step on top of the taxi to recreate that steamy kiss seen in the fragrance ads.

It is New York after all, where anything goes.  The blond beauty and her dashing prince charming captured the attention of onlookers with a single kiss for a fragrance that is as captivating and vivacious as the city it’s named after, New York. 

“It’s really fantastic – doing this in Times Square,” said Sasha to reporters. “Such a normal day on the job. It feels incredible [to kiss on the roof of a cab;] we need to do it more often. My family is visiting for the first time, so they got the chance to see it. Of course we’ll pretend this is how every day is!

The new DKNY fragrance for women, a relaunch of the first DKNY,  has managed to ensnare the energy of New York City to a sleek transparent bottle reminiscent of the sky scrappers that dominate the city’s landscape.  The scent is described as “light and exhilarating…just the right mix of urban style and big-city attitude.”

So what does the new DKNY fragrance smell like? It smells like romance. It smells like being ravaged by the allure of bright lights and big dreams in New York.  It smells like falling in love for the first time, with the Big Apple.  It smells like ambition, determination and chutzpah.  The fragrance has notes of Blood Oranges, Mandarin Oranges, Chilled Vodka, Red Thyme, Vine-Ripe Tomato Leaves, Wet Water Lilies, Green Coral Orchids, Yellow Daffodils White Birch, Tulip Tree Wood all bottled into a scent that is described as Sexy. Dynamic. Intoxicating.

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