Is It Spring Yet? Add Vibrancy to Your Closet

April 26, 2011


I’m not sure if it’s actually Spring where you live, it certainly doesn’t feel like it in Washington state. Yes, of course the calendar says it’s Spring, but the air feels much different. It snowed here last week.  Not the type of flurries that occur during the morning hours, but the kind that sticks and accumulates.  In many parts of the country,  Spring has been unseasonably cold, with torrential rain and terrible storms.  This leave me to ponder, What is a girl to do when she is dying to wear spring trends without the spring weather?

Bright colors and pastels are two of my favorite trends at the moment and so to remedy the absence of Spring weather,  I bee-lined for the mall with my tax refund in tow, and snagged the new Marc Jacobs Classic Q crossbody Bag in Merigold. As a self-professed Marc Jacobs handbag junkie, I couldn’t resist this purchase. His collection of bags are versatile, colorful, classic, lightweight and roomy (though this particular bag’s cell phone pocket cannot accommodate my iPhone.

The beauty of a lighter colored purse is that it brightens up any wardrobe.  The ugly side of the vibrant gems is that they stain easily, especially when worn with dark demim.  I once ruined an expensive Badgley Mischka bag by wearing dark jeans.  After several wears, the denim ink had transferred onto the bag, creating icky stains that could not be removed. A Tip for Denim Wearers: Wash your denim inside out at least three times before even thinking about wearing bright colored purses.

Aside from bright colored purses, what are some other key additions that can spruce up your weather challenged wardrobe? White immediately comes to mind as the indicator of Spring; however, the color is impossible frontier in my wardrobe choices.  First, I have children.  Children with sticky fingers and a love of all things messy.   I’m also not tan, not even close.  I could give Edward Cullen a run for his money in Twilight. White needs a tan, let’s face it, it just does. And finally if I do wear white, it’s a tee shirt with a jacket, so white is out.  White needs to wait for much warmer weather and a spray tan.

What about the natural or preppy trend? Nope, out.  It’s just not me.  We can’t love every fashion trend, we just can’t.  The only preppy trend I can do are loafers.  Loafers can work in this not so Spring-like weather.  One option is to purchase colorful loafers that add some vibrancy to your outfit.  Colored loafers are also typically cheaper than the traditional black, brown and navy hues.   You can find deals for up to 60-70% off on sites like, they have so much variety you’ll get lost, but with free shipping sometimes overnight or two day express, you won’t be able to resist going for a fun shoe.

The absolute best trend for spring that works for the “transition period” is 70’s glamour. Items like flared jeans  are perfect with sandals, heels or boots; peasant blouses will look in-seasonwith army jackets from your fall wardrobe; maxi skirts instead of short minis work well with boots.  I’ve worn mine multiple times with my brown motorcycle boots (another trend!)

The key to Spring is layering and an understanding that one day, you could wear sandals and a tank, or wear a light scarf, jacket, and boots the next. Stash your crochet and crop tops for warmer days and make sure your wide leg pants are tailored for the rain.  Take heart, April showers bring May flowers.

Much love,


  1. Cathy says:

    Love your post Rebecca,You are definitely a fashionista..that Marc Jacobs purse is gorgeous,i love Marc,he’s just so sexy(lol),and i love his kids collection but i must admit that i do not own any of his purses,i’m kind of addicted to Chanel handbags,might have to change that.

    it’s ironic that you talk about loafers being a trend right now because i bought those in different colors for Etienne and the other day,he went to schol wearing his brown loafers and came back with a note from his teacher telling me that loafers are inappropriate for school(i was shocked),i guess he’ll have to wear them somewhere else…

    This Spring,i’m more into long dresses but i’ll have to try those trends of yours.Thanks for sharing Rebecca,always a pleasure to read your blog.Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. LatestGirls says:

    I normally love aprils and I even love the month of may.

    In winter I am bit frustrated as I cannot wear the type of clothes that I like.



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