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August 23, 2010

Unkempt eyebrows have never been in fashion, and unless your name is Bert from Sesame Street, grooming them should be a priority.  For Fall 2010, thick but well groomed and shaped eyebrows are de rigueur. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have naturally thick eyebrows, the only steps needed to look chic as chic as the beauties that walked the runway for The Row, Valentino, or Gucci are with Benefit’s brow kit, brow gel and brow pencil.

For those who have to grow eyebrows for decades before they come in thicker, we’ve tried and tested a product that will give you fuller brows in a month and even more with continuous use. Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Expert has become a part of our beauty routine all summer long in anticipation for Fall’s beauty trend of thicker groomed eyebrows.  In three months of use, we’ve seen our brows, especially the outer portion, which had previously been bare, grow out fuller and more noticeable without outlining with a pencil.

Growing facial hair is a goal that should be left to adolescent boys and Sasquatch.  Being fuzz free is the way to be, especially when it comes to the face, aside from the eyebrows of course.  Keep facial hair at bay post waxing, tweezing or threading with Completely Bare’s Completely Smooth Hair Inhibitor for the Face.  It is clinically proven to reduce hair growth by up to 55%. We’re not scientists but we have seen a major decrease in the rate of growth of facial hair since using this product. 

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