The Golden Ticket | $1100 Carolina Herrera NYFW Spring 2011 Fashion Show Tickets

August 24, 2010

It is illegal to sell Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tickets and that is in no way suggesting or advocating the illegal sale of tickets.

You've got to be kidding me! A New Jersey concierge service is selling tickets for New York Fashion Week Spring 2011 runway shows and presentations.  Chapman Concierge sent an e-mail to their list serve informing them of a "unique opportunity to experience some of the best designers in the world."

If AO Productions denies your invitation to the Carolina Herrera show, you can snatch a seat within the first four rows for $1100. Want to see BCBG up close and personal? It's going to cost you $950. You could probably buy three banded skirts and a dress for that price. Prabal Gurung will be $575, Charlotte Ronson – $850 and DKNY – $950.  I wonder what Donna Karan would say if she found out one poor sucker will be viewing her collection for $1200 instead of spending it on a beautifully made frock from her collection.

Where does Colette Chapman get her prices from? With admission to shows getting a lot more stringent this year thanks to a computerized check in system at Lincoln Center, sneaking in with an index card and sharpie is obsolete.  I sure hope to the fashion gods that no one in their right minds would pay this much for a show. Under no circumstances should anyone ever pay for fashion week tickets.  The event is for fashion editors, writers and industry insiders.  Being invited to the show is a real privilege and it's sad that people will exploit such a great event by selling tickets for this event.
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