GLAMAZON EXLUSIVE PICS | Rihanna’s Last Girl on Earth Tour

August 23, 2010

My good friend Cheryl invited me to the Rihanna Last Girl on Earth Tour on Friday evening at the Jiffy Lube Pavilion in Bristow, Virginia with a big group of twelve.  After our fabulous tail gate in the parking lot, we raced to the venue to watch Ke$ha open up for Rihanna.  I have only heard two Ke$ha songs so I was utterly surprised by the pop mega hits she belted out.  I finally learned how to spell  Dinosaur, almost took off my clothes to her single Take it Off, and swore never to be a stalker with her song Stephen. The main act, Rihanna hit the stage around 8:45 with a high octane performance that had us all on our feet and singing along to all her big hits. 
I've never seen Rihanna perform live so this concert was a real treat.  She's come a long way from her pop and Bajan dance hits and love ballads circa 2005.  The chanteuse has been jaded by life experiences, which was evident in the war zone stage set-up complete with a pink armored tank. If her red coif didn't dazzle fans, her costumes sure did.  
She opened her set in a sweeping black drop-waist dress lined with what appeared to be rows of tiny red lights then changed into a shear  black leotard with wedge booties then a white and nude cutout leotard with one pant leg and finished off with glitter boots, black biker shorts and a bra top.  The Last Girl on Earth Tour is definitely worth catching in a city near you, especially if you love Rihanna.  Washington might not have gotten a surprise artists like Eminem on stage at Rihanna's Los Angeles concert, but we had a blast singing to every single song at the concert.

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