Quest for the Perfect Skin – The Kardashians Launch New Skincare Line

June 22, 2010

The quest for the perfect skin is one that has been illusive to many young girls looking for that magic skincare regimen to give them the healthy skin emblazoned on television screens and in the pages of glossy magazines. Envied for their tight knit family, exotic beauty and over all success in business and social life are the Kardashian sisters, who are dabbling in all facets of fashion and beauty with their own brands and endorsements.  First came the Kardashians for Bebe collection, then the Quick Trim weightloss supplements then the Kim Kardashian work out videos and shoe business.  Now word is out that the Kardashian sisters have launched their own skincare line called  The Perfect Skin, developed by dermatolofical expert and renowned researcher Dr. Ron DiSalvo, who "perfected" a skincare regimen for each of the Kardashian sisters.

The Karadashians wanted a skincare routine easy enough and customized to each of their skin types.

After lengthy research and testing, a breakthrough 3-step skin care system was developed exclusively for the Kardashian sisters that finally satisfied their criteria. Ever since, the Kardashians have privately used this skin care regimen every day and every night, and as a result their perfect complexions have become the envy of millions. Time and time again, the Kardashian sisters are asked what skin care products are responsible for their radiant complexions. Now, the Kardashians have decided to reveal their secret and share it with the world. This skin care solution now has a name: PerfectSkin™. According to Dr. DiSalvo, "PerfectSkin™ is the most technologically advanced skin care solution ever created.

The Perfect Skin is is a three step system, similar to Pro-Activ Acne Solutions and Neutrogena Skin-iD, plus a few extra products designed enhance users' skincare routine.  The Perfect Skincare is formulated to work on all skin types and is available for $29.99 or upgraded with extra products for $39.95. Now we can all get in shape like the Kardashians, dress like them and have beautiful skin, just like them.

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