Renowned Designers to Attend Mia Gemma Jewelry Boutique’s Bridal & Commitment Jewelry Showcase

June 24, 2010

Nestled on the F Street block in between 9th and 10th Streets in Washington, DC is a small jewelry boutique, Mia Gemma, filled with one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from renowned artists who have perfected the craft of jewelry making, particularly with gold and other hard to find gems and minerals.   Mia Gemma’s resident artists include Genevieve Yang, a third generation goldsmith who uses ancient Korean technique of Keum-boo to creates simple, elegant, and tactile pieces; Jessica Fields, known for conveying the beauty and grandeur of important times in history through her jewelry, which include pieces inspired by the Greco-Roman and Byzantine periods, the bold designs of Indian jewelry as well as the expressive, colorful Art Nouveau period for design ideas; African born Odaybea Morrow, whose collection reflects her passion for creating unique and exquisite jewelry inspired by the cultural diversity of her international experiences; Ruff & Cut, a brand that creates “jewelry with a conscience,” by purchasing conflict free diamonds and creating jewelry that reflect the tenacity of the human spirit. 
The boutique carries an impressive list of jewelry for people with discerning taste. They are a leader of the pack in terms of unique pieces that one can say will become family heirlooms down the line. The boutique is a feast for the eyes with its current collection but aims to push the envelope with a new collection of bridal and commitment jewelry.  Starting this Friday, Mia Gemma will be carrying contemporary wedding jewelry from Jessica Fields, Odaybea Morrow, Stephen Kris, Ruff & Cut and Ayesha Mayadas.  
Soon to be brides and grooms and others on a quest to find that “it” piece to put a sparkle in her eye should not miss this event. From 12pm until 7pm, all five jewelry designers will be in the boutique to answer questions about picking the perfect wedding and commitment jewelry, how to care for your jewelry, designing a custom-made piece and other jewelry related questions. The event will continue on Saturday with another open house to check out the collection. Whether you are racing to the alter in a month, looking to finally commit to your partner legally with a commitment ceremony or wondering what other jewelry options there are for brides and grooms, this event is sure to help you navigate the jewelry search process. 

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