Alexander McQueen Atlantis Plexi Clutch

March 20, 2010

Since his death at the start of New York Fashion Week, Alexander McQueen’s collections have been selling out of stores and online boutiques.  The genius that was McQueen has been forever lost so it’s no wonder that we all want to snag a piece of the designer before his collections, which are already highly coveted, become too expensive for the mere fashionista to afford.  I don’t own any McQueen clothing but I do have a couple of accessories, including shoes, belts, jewelry.  I was hoping to snag the designer’s Atlantis Plexi Clutch but alas, it was sold out before I could say “charge it.” The football shaped clutch is super cute and something a guy wouldn’t mind holding for me as I take photos of friends or cut a rug on the dance floor with the girls.

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