David & Victoria Beckham on 10th Anniversary cover of 10 Magazine

February 4, 2010

America’s brief love affair with the Beckhams started off with a torrent of emotions.  Soccer fans thought David would be the savior of MLS, breathing life into American soccer.  Fashionistas dreamed of the Posh’s larger than life persona in Britain transfering to America.  The honeymoon phase of our Beckham love affair fizzled and Americans found themselves settling into normalcy once again. To our chagrin, soccer was still soccer with or without Beckham. His attitude was stinky as he tried to get out of LA Galaxy contract so that he can compete in the more competitive European level in hopes of making the England team for the World Cup. David is playing for AC Milan this year but he is still on the roster for LA Galaxy.

Despite our love hate relationship with David, Victoria on the other hand is one of my favorite wags. She has taken her fame to the next level with the well received Victoria Beckham Collection and a slew of endorsements from top notch designers.  10 Magazine celebrated its ten-year anniversary this year by featuring Posh and Becks on the he and she cover. This marks the first time the magazine has featured a celebrity on their cover. The magazine’s focus is on high fashion and art and rarely cover celebrity topics, gossip or frou-frou subjects.

You have to buy the magazine to check out the 40-page spread on the Victoria and David. Inside the issue, the duo talk about their careers. Victoria says she expects to be still creating high fashion pieces in 15 years and asserts that she designs for women of all shapes and sizes. Case in point, Jennifer Hudson wearing her peplum dress to the Grammys.  She also says that she and J.Lo wear the same dress size. GASP!!! 
She says, ‘Actually, the one I tried on yesterday was the one Jennifer wore. And who’d have thought I’d be the same size as Jennifer Lopez!’ Hmm….she might have been able to “try on” the same dress as J.Lo but I bet it looked like a potato sack on  her. No offense to either women since they both have amazing bodies.

Mrs. Beckham might be comfortable gracing the covers of magazines but not her husband. Mr. Beckham, who portrays a sexy well tattooed mechanic in the 10 magazine spread says he’s still not used to being looked up as a sex symbol.

‘I still feel quite shy when I see a poster or campaign like that…It was a daunting experience stripping off in front of a room of people but after a while you get used to it – although my mum still hasn’t,’ says Becks about that sexy ad of him and Victoria in the Emporio Armani underwear ads.

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