Cape Crusader: Beige Chloe Cape

February 4, 2010

I’m a huge fan of the Phantom of the Opera and usually have it in my DVD player at anytime.  Besides the beautiful music, the tragic Phantom, played by hottie Gerard Butler, I can’t get enough of the costumes, particularly the capes.  I’ve been an huge advocate of capes for the past four years, always referring to the the elegance of former First Lady Jackie O, who often wore them with her gowns.

I’ve already raved about how crazy I am for the Chlo√© spring/summer 2010 collection. Among the pieces I am coveting is the button down beige cape that has been makings rounds in the latest issues of fashion magazines. I would wear this cape from sun up ’til sun down all spring with denim, twill skirts and button downs and even a dress. Tres chic!

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