Feeling the blues: Denim is back this spring

January 27, 2010

Name one piece of clothing that every single person in the Western Hemisphere and probably around the world has in his or her closet.  Stumped? Probably not. The answer is Denim.  Denim is one of the most durable and timeless pieces of clothing that has and will always be in style.  Denim or Blue jeans have been worn since the 18th Century and no matter who invented them, I thank God it’s still considered a fashion do. I know we’re all still stuck in our turtleneck dresses and winter coats but it’s time to start thinking about what we’re going to wear for spring. If you’re like me, you’ve already ransacked your spring closet, edited it down to the must-haves and keeps, and started shopping for items to update your look for spring.  One item tops my list and that is denim.

Did you know that denim overalls are coming back in style? Ralph Lauren sent denim overall dresses down the runway for spring while Jean Paul Gaultier opted for overall pants with Jaipur bottoms.  Louis Vuitton sent denim bags down its runway with models in hairy clogs (more to come on that in a future post). It seems designers were singing the blues all over the place.  Denim isn’t just American. My sister in Germany covets them and asks for me to send her Levis and Habitual jeans. I’m cringing at the thought of seeing people prancing around the city in overalls but if done right, the look might be superb. 

I’m singing the praises of denim this spring because not since the ’90s has it become a “trendy” thing. From shorts to denim jackets, bags and shoes and everything in between, those who snagged designer denim back in the day, minus those over-sized Aaliyah pants, should start pulling them out.  For a while, dark denim was the only thing you could find in stores.  Light washes and faded denim were sort of a faux pas, unless they were ripped or tie-tied.  Light washes are back in style in updated cuts and styles. What better way to wear denim than with accessories.  Color, color and more color ladies. Since denim is the one thing besides the little black dress that goes with everything in your closet, it is necessary to start shopping for a few colorful accessories and knits to vamp your look.

I’m excited to see girls in DC wearing jean shorts again, especially since the Late Night Shots crowds think jean shorts (jorts), leather gloves a la  Karl Lagerfelt and anything that isn’t from the Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines and Ralph Lauren catalogs are fashion faux pas.

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