C’mon Amber Rose, leave something to the imagination

January 23, 2010


Kanye West's leading lady, blonde bombshell Amber Rose, knows how to turn heads.  Amber and Kanye have been making their rounds at the men's fall 2010 shows this week.  The fashion forward couple surfaced in Paris yesterday rocking the hell out of some fur coats.  I was amazed at how Kanye was able to pull off fur (not a fan of men in fur), without looking like a ghetto pimp.
The couple showed up to the Junya Watanbe show and stole the show.  Granted Kanye tends to do that wherever he goes.  I am an Amber Rose fan and love that she is confident in her own skin enough to pull off pink spandex leggings and body con-dresses.  What she wore to the Junya Watanabe show, however, had me dead in my tracks. Sporting a nude leotard, Amber layered a black cutout dress (if we can call it that) on top, showing off her paw print tattoos on her upper thigh.  Thank goodness she had that Brazillian waxing because you can see EVERYTHING all the way up to her hooha!
C'mon Amber, sure Junya Watanabe is very avant garde but you don't have to look like you ran through a shredder.  The outfit looks too garish but then again, she was probably going for that look.  I do love her Burberry boots though. Kanye on the other hand, looked so chic in his Christian Louboutin rollerball loafers.

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