Get active in Chanel Sports Equipment

January 22, 2010

I've been meaning to go out an get more active this year so that I can fit more comfortably  in all the gorgeous clothes in my closet.  There are days I drag my feet because I feel lazy or have something better to do, like blogging about fabulous clothes.  Chanel, always being a step ahead of other fashion houses, wants all fashionistas to be healthy and svelte to fit comfortably in their collection.  To do this, they've designed a collection of sporting equipment so chic that you'll want to work out everyday just to show them off.
Skiers and snowboarders will look fab on the powder asking others to eat their dust as they whiz by in Chanel skis, snowboards and goggles.  Wanna play football in style? How about a Chanel football. I wish we could use those Chanel footballs for Blondes vs. Brunettes Flag Football.  There are Chanel surfboards for those who want to hang ten on the water.  I love fishing but never go.  I bet I'd be on the water every weekend fishing for trout with my Chanel fishing rod and cruise on the water with my Chanel raft. I would love to see the equestrians in Chanel helmets this spring at the polo cups.  You might go pro with continuous practice with your Chanel tennis racket.
Need a new bicycle? How about a  Chanel bicycle. The $17,000 Chanel bike is covered in their signature quilted leather and has a quilted leather bag on the back. The bicycle has eight speeds and will be available exclusively by order from select Chanel stores. I would never dock my bike ANYWHERE outdoors or even indoors because I know someone would steal it the moment it left my field of vision. Check out the rest of the Chanel sports equipment here.

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