Currently Obsessed | Forever 21 Zipper Top

November 11, 2009

When I tell you there are fabulous treasures to be found at Forever 21, I don’t mean just cheap and chic jewelry. I started drooling the instant I spotted this mannequin rocking the zipper top with three layered flair zipper bottom from the Twelve by Twelve label by Forever 21. Unfortunately for me, the top was SOLD OUT. The last one on the mannequin was not for sale, YET. I begged, screamed and pleaded to the manager to sell me the floor sample but she told me she couldn’t take it off the mannequin until they changed the floor displays. Gaah!

I spotted a woman wearing the exact same top at the Essa trunk show on Saturday night. When I asked her where she bought hers, she asked me to get close and whispered, “You’ll never guess where I bought it….Forever 21.” The top is exceptionally well made and reminds me of something that Phillip Lim would design. Ugh some girls have all the luck. If anyone spots this top anywhere, pretty please let me know.

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