Washington Snubbed AGAIN by H&M

November 13, 2009


I think Washington has made itself known as a fashion force to be reckoned. I get that the major fashion designers will probably never show their collections in here. I also get that New York will probably forever be where Fashion Week will be held but what I don’t get is why H&M decides to snub us every single time a new fashion collaboration hits stores. When Matthew Williamson unveiled his new collection, Washingtonians rejoiced, only to have our glee deflated by the news that we would not be getting the actual collection in our stores.

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Oh wait…we did get Matthew Williamson. A belt, scarves, a bag and some accessories and some caftans. Leftovers you might say. Are we not deserving of the fabulous collection in its first unveiling? Are we not worthy of standing in long lines on opening day to snag a piece of designer collections to adorn our fabulous bodies? Why should EVERY New York City H&M get your designer collections yet not a single store in Washington gets a morsel.

News arrived that H&M would not be carrying the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection in Washington, DC. That’s right ladies and gentlemen! If you want to snag some of the super sexy and affordable Jimmy Choo for H&M heels, dresses, blazers, clutches and duffel bags, you have to travel to New York City. Puh! I am seething in jealousy and anger over not being able to haunt any of the H&M’s in Washington for the Jimmy Choo collection and I felt the need to rant until my voice is heard.

This is our nation’s capital for fashion’s sake. Michelle Obama is a certified fashionista who’s got the Midas touch. Everything she touches turns to sold. Fashion runs rampant in this city with super chic blogs and editorials. We’ve got Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Robin Givhan. We’ve got celebs who come here on a daily basis to get our elected officials to pay attention. We’ve got the buying power to rake the racks at any store clean for instant chic styles. So H&M, why did you decide to snub us of the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection?

I am on an H&M boycott as of today because it is makes me very angry that a major capital does not get their major collection in a single store. Call me a brat for crying out but I don’t care. I feel so disappointed in H&M’s decision and so I refuse to step foot in an H&M store from now on until they pay attention to Washington, DC. No mas cheap accessories and trendy clothes from H&M. No mas buying basics and seasonal pieces from you. If our money is not good enough for the Jimmy Choo collection, it certainly isn’t good enough to buy the rest of your stuff.

That is all!

  1. DWJ says:

    I feel you. I'm not a huge H&M shopper but I have looked forward to the designer collaborations only to be disappointed because we can't get them here. I'm with you!

  2. District Cut says:

    I concur and shared my views on the whole issue on Wednesday here

  3. the capitol fashionista says:

    I am so in! How can they snub us!

  4. Glamour Girl says:

    Thanks for the support guys. I want to make our voices heard by having a Twitter call to action.

    If you are on Twitter:
    RT @GlamazonDiaries: My H&M Boycott: Boycotting @hmusa @hm for lack of Jimmy Choo in DC

    So that H&M peeps can see it and forward to corporate.

  5. Bag Ladies Reality Radio says:

    Bag Ladies loves this rant. We are reposting on our page for our listeners. We've lent so much attention to the collection and the countdown only to have to reveal to our listeners in the Washington, DC area, that they aren't good enough.

  6. Shauné Hayes says:

    Count on me to help spread the word too!! Will RT and post on my blog with a link to your writeup. Our voices will be heard!!

  7. Jenny says:

    I got into quite a therapeutic rant with an H&M employee about the DC snub over this collab! The area is known for the highest salary rates for people under the age of 30! If you're gonna target anybody, wouldn't it be THAT demographic!? Ridiculous.



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