Shoe Lust: Versus Court Shoes

October 19, 2009


So Donatella Versace decided to revive her Versus label this year under the creative direction of Christopher Kane. I have to say that Kane did a great job bringing the ’80s brand back to life in a super chic way. The collection of clothing, accessories and shoes hit stores late summer and have since been doing well. I have to give it up to Kane for the fabulous shoes, including my favorite one, the Court Shoes, which retail for a whopping $2,542.60. Yea you read it right. The Versus Court shoes offer major bling bling and sky scrapping height fit for any heel loving gal.

If only my money stretched that far, I would buy these shoes and wear them for the rest of my life, rain or shine. They remind me of the shoes Blumarine shoes Chanel Iman wore to the National Museum of African Art Gala this summer.

A little history behind Versus: Gianni Versace gave his sister the task of creating a label fit for the young and modern gal back in 1989 that was more accessible and affordable, thus Versus was born. In its hay day, Versus was a go to for the younger set, including super models and actors. Versus was revived this year in response to the slumping economy. Instead of dropping prices of the Versace label, Versace CEO Giancarlo di Risio decided to bring back the Versus label to be “aspirational, more accessible” to consumers with less to spend. If you ask me, the $2500 shoes are NOT accessible to consumers with less to spend but they sure are adorable.

he was inspired by the wealthiness and the bling bling proper to the brand in the old days of Gianni Versace and delivers us a capsule




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