Christian Louboutin Barbie photos unveiled

October 18, 2009

Not since the release of the Twilight books have I been this excited. Christian Louboutin and Mattel announced its partnership to create three new dolls on Monday, which caused an uproar because of the shoe designer’s comments about Barbies ankles being fat. Towards the end of the week however, Christian Louboutin unveiled pictures of the new Barbie and corrected his earlier statements about Barbie’s silhouette by saying,

“Barbie’s foot has always been shaped less ‘curvy’ than the rest of her perfect body…I just added my little science to Barbie and I’ve been proud to serve her. But fat ankles she didn’t have, she just could have had thinner ankles. That’s all. She needed great shoes, a thinner ankle and, to me, as I’m obsessed with feet, a foot more curved.”

The first Barbie of the three, Jewel Thief inspired Barbie, will hit store in December and will come packaged in a Christian Louboutin box and four pairs of Barbie-sized Louboutin heels, just in time for Christmas. The second Barbie, a Safari-themed Barbie is slated to hit stores in February and a third that will be outfitted to go to the Cannes Film Festival. Each doll will retail for $150, which is a small price to pay for such a darling collection. and will stock the Christian Louboutin Barbies as they are released and will offer a Louboutin Barbie shoe collection of 12 pairs for $40 a set.

Want more? I know I do. Christian Louboutin will also design a human sized pink shoe and star in a Barbie photo diary titled, “My year in Paris with Christian Louboutin, which will come with the first Barbie and also sold separately for $40. So exciting. I can’t wait to get my hands on all three Barbies and their outfits and fabulous shoes. Since I can’t afford to have 12 pairs of Louboutins in my closet, I’ll opt for a Barbie sized collection.

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