Relieving Shaving Irritation with Bump Patrol

April 6, 2009


I received the full line of Bump Patrol, a new shaving system for men who have problems with skin irritation after shaving. Since I am not the target audience for this brand, I asked my friend Ryan to try out the product for a couple of weeks and give me a review of the products.

The Bump Patrol grooming products are a favorite of President Barack Obama’s personal barber of 14 years, Zariff, who uses the products himself and gives it to his clients as well. I wonder if the President has tried it out! In any case, gentlemen, Ryan approves of the product line and recommends it. Here is his review.

I am very meticulous about what I use to groom myself. I am ultra picky about my shampoo, conditioner, soap, face washes, night creams, and especially my shaving cream and after shave lotions.

I was given some samples of Bump Patrol two weeks ago, including two types of shaving creams, and three types of aftershave lotions. I have been using the products ever since and I really have seen a dramatic decrease in irritation where I used to have razor burn; on my neck.

The after shave lotion does burn a great deal, but I was always told that “you have to suffer to be beautiful.” And let’s face it, all aftershaves hurt to an extent, but this one actually works and does as it promises on the box.

Although I received the items as a gift, I did take the time to look up the products and their pricing online. I was very relieved to see that the line is extremely affordable and does not have a designer price tag. Often times, men simply pay for a name that they trust found at an expensive department store, and usually see no real difference in their shave, where as Bump Patrol is easy on the wallet and it produces results.

I will definitely continue to use Bump Patrol and I am hopeful that they will come out with a line of scented aftershave lotions as well, which I think would be a huge plus to their line and marketing.

  1. Shavin Maven says:

    Ryan ought to try the Sensitive Formula in his Bump Patrol package. It has added moisturizers, no alcohol, and a real soothing quality while it works. — All the best from Bump Patrol’s Shavin Maven



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