How to lengthen your body using color

March 10, 2009

I took this video of Lauren, who is in charge of public relations for Urban Chic during the store’s five year anniversary celebration. Lauren is a cute petite blonde who knows what works for her body type and has mastered the concept of using color to visually lengthen her body. Lauren wore a fabulous purple frock with a front bow the hits just above the knee and paired it with black opaque tights and black ankle length boots. She also defines her shape by using a belt to create more curves. Lauren isn’t afraid to show off her arms – why would she? She’s got great arms. Lauren’s entire look is perfect for her height because the monochromatic look of the tights and the ankle boots make her legs appear longer because there is no break between the tights and the boots.

Disclaimer: For those receiving this through email, please note that there is a video embedded in this post so you must visit the blog to see it.

Also, I am new to this and do not use a script so please bear with me as I continue to improve.

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