Marc Jacobs As Andy Warhol for the Cover of Interview Magazine

“There’s so much from the art world that’s infiltrated into things, people have no idea . . . you turn on a Motorola phone, and the graphics are inspired by Takashi [Murakami]’s work, clearly. I don’t think anybody who turns on the phone realizes that, but I think now, more than ever, visual art is really, really changing everything. And fashion is too, I mean, fashion is as popular as football . . . if not more popular. ” [Fashionologie]

— Marc Jacobs, on Charlie Rose earlier this week

Marc Jacobs is the wunderkind of the fashion world. Despite his tenure at many prestigious fashion houses, Jacobs, who is fairly young is still revolutionizing fashion. His partnerships with Murakami, one of the most prolific artists of our time, for Louis Vuitton, has proved to be a lucrative and inspiring one. Jacobs has been transformed into artist Andy Warhol, father of the pop art movement, for the June/July issue of Interview Magazine to commemorate Warhol’s 80th birthday. “Warhol is Warhol. He’s practically a god. I thought, ‘I’m going to get a lot of hell for this,” the designer says of his Interview photoshoot.

Memorabilia of the cover, including T-shirts ($35) and tote bags ($15), will go on sale at the Marc Jacobs Bleeker Street boutique in New York City. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.