From Russia, With Love

Meet fashion designer Kira Plastinina. At 16-years-old, Kira is the youngest fashion designer in the world. Her collection of leisure wear and dresses for teens and young adults has been sweeping Russia by storm. Her collection includes an affordable mix of sequin-lined hoodies, flirty tops and bright-hued dresses. Kira, the daughter of a wealthy Russian businessman is the mastermind behind her lablel, Kira Plastinina. As chief designer for her clothing label, she spends most of her free time approving sketches, fabrics and takes care of other day to day issues that arise from running a clothing company.

The Kira Plastinina label has over 40 stores in Russia, the Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Her first location in the States opened in New York City in mid-May, with 16 more stores slated to open in Los Angeles and other major cities. Celebs like Hayden Panattiere and Audrina Patridge joined in to fete her opening. Kira has also enlisted Audrina as her brand ambassador.