The Everyday Exotic: Scorpion Vodka

Love those vodka martini’s or RBV’s? How about a walk on the wild side with scorpion infused vodka. The exotic Scorpion Vodka contains farm raised yellow scorpions. Get the buzz and the benefits of a mini detox program when you consume this eerrr, unique drink. I am not sure if I am game but this can be a good dare for one of the macho guys in your crew. Can you tell the difference between a scorpion infused vodka and Grey Goose? The scorpion adds to the smoothness of this vodka and is to be eaten after the last drop of vodka is poured from the bottle. It is supposed to be 100% safe because the toxins have been removed from the scorpion. YUM! Scorpion RBV’s anyone?

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    I didn’t know that somebody was selling this in US but I got the authentic snake wine from this website and it features a real Cobra snake

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