The Real GR: Gentlemens Refinery

Welcome the man in your life to the good life by giving them the experience of the GR. No this does not mean making them your plus one at the Gryphon Room. The Gentlemens Refinery, a line of men’s grooming products created by Master Barber Paul Gastis, combines traditional luxury with a deep respect for both personal and environmental health in an expanding range of products that make shaving and grooming a sensual pleasure for both body and spirit. Gastis’ products are used by elite clientele that ranges from celebrities to Fortune 500 executives and now your man can experience the difference.

The Gentleman’s Refinery uses nothing but the best organic ingredients that will pamper a man’s face like no other product can. Why settle when you can select the best products money can buy. Can’t afford the Signature Nickel Shave Set, no problem. Buy your man some of the pampering products in the line. Get the After Shave Balm to calm the skin after a morning shave. If you can afford to splurge then let me suggest the Signature Nickel Shave Set, $699.

The GR’s substantial 3-piece Nickel shave set is replete with a weighted base (prevents tipping) and a Mach III compatible razor— balanced and calibrated for a smooth, comfortable shave. Made of brass construction, this strikingly beautiful set weighs in at almost 2 pounds. The brush is made with the finest Silvertip Badger hair— the silver tip is hand tired — not glued — and natural, not cut, producing an exemplary lather. This set makes a stellar addition to any bathroom and is the ultimate gift for the truly refined gentleman.