Brahmin Duxbury for French Vacation

August 15, 2018

Brahmin Duxbury CarryAll

There is an art to the perfect weekender for quick getaways and my Brahmin Duxbury CarryAll has become my travel companion. I carried this bag as my carryon during our flights and used it as my overnight bag for short stays in different towns whilst in France. Let me back up! 

We’d never flown on a budget airline until last month when we took XL Airways from New York to Paris. We usually fly Delta for most of our trips but since someone waited too long to book our tickets (looking at you T), we were left with no choice but to go for the cheaper option, which was either XL Airways for outbound and Norwegian Airlines for our inbound flight. 

Most budget airlines have strict restrictions on luggage. Our carryon had to be specific dimensions and weigh no more than 11lbs. That’s right, ELEVEN POUNDS. I’m not sure who carries a mere 11lbs in their carry on. Unfortunately for me, my regular carryon luggage weighed almost 10lbs by itself, meaning I could only pack a sweater or a shoe. FML!

Brahmin Duxbury CarryAll

I love the versatility of a rolling luggage but with I have to say, the Brahmin Duxbury CarryAll gave my usual carry on a run for its money. For starters, the Duxbury weighs a measly just 2.5lbs, which left me with 8.5lbs of weight for my carryon items. 

I was able to pack the following items to take inside the plane:

  • A small makeup bag with essential beauty products (toothbrush, face wipes, face mask, foundation)
  • Two pairs of shoes (flats and a heel)
  • Dark Denim and a dressy top 
  • My jewelry case
  • A wrap dress from Rue 107
  • Undergarments (Yummy Tummy, Bra, extra panties and a slip dress)
  • Oversized Louis Vuitton Scarf
  • Small bag with mini hair products and a brush 

We landed in Paris after an 8-hour flight and took a direct train to Poitiers to visit T’s family. We had an hour wait time so I went to the bathroom, which I paid 1 Euro to use, to freshen up, change undies and my clothes since we were heading straight to lunch upon our arrival. The Duxbury CarryAll was perfect for the stalls because all I had to do was hand it behind the door, unzip the top and reach for the necessary items. The long handles also allowed me to carry it securely on top of my check-in bag for easy maneuvering around the airport and train. I also love the removable long shoulder strap, which I used mostly during our short overnight trips while in France.  

I got the Duxbury CarryAll Melbourne leather in ink, a stunning midnight blue that goes with everything.  The croc-embossed Italian leather bag is handcrafted to perfection and durable enough to withstand rough handling. It has several interior pockets, a slit pocket on the back as well as feet on the bottom to protect the bag, especially from bathroom floors when changing. It retails for $425 and comes in 7 sumptuous colors. That my friends are the reasons why the Duxbury CarryAll is my perfect bag for travel.

Brahmin Duxbury CarryAll

Saint Emillion, France

Brahmin Duxbury CarryAll

Brahmin Duxbury CarryAll

Brahmin Duxbury CarryAll

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