Made In New York // Comsi Comsa Apple Crisp Sparkling Wine

April 12, 2018

Comsi Comsa Sparkling Wine

For once, the label doesn’t lie. I recently got my hands on Comsi Comsa by Sauvage, an apple sparkling wine made in New York.  This apple cider is made with the traditional Champagne technique which is evident upon first sip. I’m very particular about my sparkling wines and champagnes.  They have to be brut or demi sec. Nothing too sweet.  So this wine has piqued my interest and taste buds.

So what makes Comsi Comsa special?  First of all, you get exposed to much more than what I consider apple cider or cidre if you want to be French and what not. Meaning not the autumn type of wonderful juice I put in my Halloween punch cocktail spiced with cinnamon and black tea. I am referring to the delightful sparkling apple drink you enjoy with food from the Brittany country side (namely Sarrazin crêpes loaded with ham and gruyère).

At under $18 a bottle, Comsi Comsa is a winner if you’re looking for a sparkling wine to sip outside during the coming warm weather months.  Rose no way! The taste is extremely crisp and refreshing. I would say the way this wine is produced is comparable to hard to find wines made in France.

Comsi Comsa is not sweet. I repeat. This is not the apple cider you drink in the fall. This is literally a sparkling wine that tastes like a crisp green apple for grown up. The reason? Well, the producers seamlessly replaced the grapes with apples and applied the 17th century methodology of making sparkling wine (yes, I’m referring to Champagne in France from the famous monk Dom Perignon, the mighty alchemists).

This is extremely enjoyable, either by itself or with nibbles (think Mediterranean here). You get the fruit, not the sugar. Round, crisp, a nice body to it. Comsi Comsa is delightful and elegant and made in New York.

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