Technology Has Never Been So Trendy!

September 22, 2014

Recently, Verizon teamed up with Christian Siriano to capture the moments  Р#socialimprint Рthat created the most buzz during the Fashion Rocks event at New York Fashion Week . Genres of music being talked about, musical artists that performed, and fashion were among the topics that were monitored on social media and each element was given a color.
As different topics were trending, a digital fabric was created, recording the patterns and colors reflecting from the trends. Famed designer Christian Siriano then took this fabric and created not one, but two garments designed around the social chatter, giving a whole new meaning to the term “conversation piece”.
These designs were displayed at an exclusive reveal in New York City. The cape and evening gown were both made of the beautifully hued fabric and flowed elegantly, with such a flare that everyone in attendance was in awe.

The best part about the partnership is that Verizon will be auctioning these pieces off and all proceeds will go towards Dress for Success, the charity Verizon supports that is focused on giving women tools and apparel to be successful in the workplace.

Great work for a great cause!


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