Designer Briefs for the Fashionable Man

September 19, 2014

In the contemporary fashion world, men have begun to be conscious of their style to a significantly larger extent than in the past. That stylistic consciousness extends from the obvious items like outerwear and one’s shoes to the less obvious garments like one’s underwear. While socks and underwear might not seem like the most important clothing articles to invest in, your wardrobe won’t truly be complete without them. For the men who still wear tired out boxers or greying briefs, you don’t know what you’re missing. Investing a small amount to upgrade your interior wardrobe can go a long way toward improving your self-confidence from within, not to mention in the bedroom. Graduating to designer underwear is going to provide you with a more luxurious experience of dressing with higher quality fabrics like Peruvian Pima cotton. The discerning gentleman knows that lackluster underwear isn’t going to impress anyone and could be a deal breaker in an unfortunate situation. Isn’t it better to avoid such scenarios altogether and start dressing well both inside and out? Here’s your guide to the designer briefs for the fashionable man, everything you need to know about the brands that deliver the highest quality designs with the most comfortable and flattering fits.

VK Nagrani

Founded in 1999 by international designer Vivek Nagrani, the brand has amassed a cult following from its atmosphere of cosmopolitan sophistication. By focusing on a commitment to luxury as an entire lifestyle, rather than merely a style of dress, VK Nagrani crafts the image of the seasoned gentlemen and supplies the designer clothing to support that lifestyle. The brand caters to the idea of the “72 hour man.” In the words of the Cool Hunter writer, Natasha Tauber, the 72 hour man is “a gentleman who finds himself in three different climates in just as many days—with only a carry-on to survive. It’s possible because Nagrani designs for a man for whom work and leisure aren’t entirely opposite—or ‘the gentleman who opts to wear a suit rather than the one who is required to wear a suit.’”

The exclusive brand doesn’t cater to any average philistine, as its showroom on the gilded Upper East Side of Manhattan takes fittings by appointment only.

For men’s designer briefs, the collection is designed to fit the contemporary man with an eye for aesthetics but a desire for the practicality of a mobile lifestyle. VK Nagrani has worked with a group of Peruvian sisters for years to help make the collection from the finest Peruvian Pima cotton, but with a bit of stretch to allow for a flexible fit. With items from the brand bearing names like Wang, Woody, Johnson, and Shaft, the brand has a playful demeanor that takes men’s fashion seriously but knows how to have a little fun with the design process. After all, wearing luxury clothing should be about having the best experience, not about being confined by the outmoded style regimens of past generations.

For Simon Chan, a senior men’s buyer at Mario’s in Portland, Oregon, underwear from VK Nagrani is a priority. He says of Nagrani, “For me, your underwear is a game changer. The fact that you personally pay attention to the waistband (whether if it’s too tight or too lose), the paneling in the seat & fork, to the length of the boxer brief to ensure it doesn’t ride up and bunch up into the ballroom; and finding the perfect balance/blend of pima cotton & elastin to create the softness and comfort you feel or not feel because it seems like its craft to be a part of you. That is special, period. Devil is in the details and you my friend have always been into the details. Look, even the names of the different models of your underwear are great. And hey, I remember assisting you in wearing the prototypes and requesting the length of the boxer-brief to be increased and watch the fabric content/weigh because after washing it a few times the fabric needs to retain not only its comfort but also the shape…and you delivered so much more, and the rest is history!! Look at us ass-clowns now…still slinging away.” That sounds like a pretty enthusiastic endorsement to us.


Why Wear Designer Underwear?

If you’re still not convinced of the merits of sporting designer luxury underwear, maybe the gents at can change your opinion. As Josh Leibgott explains, “For fashionable men that care about how they look and the clothes they’re rocking, underwear should be a part of this equation. Make sure that you look right from head to toe. Socks, underwear, belt — these all play a part in bringing together your overall look. There are lots of guys out there that will spend hundreds of dollars on designer shirts and pants, and then go buy the cheapest socks and underwear that they can find. It’s the details that tie your outfit together and add that extra appeal.” While it might seem like cutting a few corners on your spending for basic essentials like socks and underwear is a good place to save money, you’re doing yourself a disservice in cutting down your overall confidence, comfort, and ultimately, your total appeal.

While the market for men’s underwear might not have been a priority for designers in the past, the market has grown exponentially as men start to become more conscious of their attire and the weight it carries in how other’s perceive them. Underwear plays into that equation, whether it’s just a matter of boosting one’s confidence in knowing he is sporting the latest looks, or if it’s in a situation where it counts. Whichever it is, luxury men’s underwear designers like VK Nagrani have stepped in to fill the void in options for men to look and feel their best in their day to day lives. Once you start sporting your new briefs, you’ll learn for yourself what a difference that comfort and style can actually make for your romantic life, as well as your overall life in general.

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