H&M New Urban Smart Trend

July 25, 2013

Urban Smart

Urban Smart

Urban Smart is a trend update that H&M just released showing clean and sharp trends for men. As a science experiment, H&M has created a new collection that although simple, is very creative. Using staple colors of grey, black and white allows consumers to easily transition into fall.  Shorts, shirts, pants and outerwear are the core pieces of the new Urban Smart collection.

What’s striking about the collection is how the silhouettes are non-traditional, setting it apart from other brands. Fitted button up shirts are paired with wide shorts, denim jackets with sweatpants and over sized parkas that swallow anyone wearing it. It’s taking the idea of dressed up tennis shoes with a tuxedo more classic while broadcasting a larger safe zone to enter.

The beauty of the collection brings about a thrown on look that so happens to look urban and smart. What pulls you further into the collection are the textures. In particular the fine knit sweater that is laddered allowing the shirt underneath to be seen. The piece although black, allows pops of color to fuse its way from underneath the sweater with any color of your choosing.

Overall the collection experiments with various pieces, altering the sizes and style of them to create a new look. Structured denim jackets change to shirt jackets and tuxedo pants are changed into sweatpants. Its all about experimenting which has given birth to H&M’s Urban Smart collection. I’m looking forward to additional updates that H&M will make for men giving them more alternatives to be individualistic with their style choices.

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