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June 24, 2013

For the past six years, my identity has been as a fashion blogger.  I’ve consumed fashion and beauty religiously, attended a plethora of events each night so that I can tell my readers all about it.  As much as I love attending fashion week, editor previews, high profile events and meeting my favorite celebrities, there are passions I enjoy that most of my blogging friends and even readers do not know about.

Before blogging, I was in public affairs for a government agency, writing speeches for elected officials and press releases for environmental, technology and public safety initiatives in Washington, DC.  I was also an events and society reporter.  My job was to attend high profile events in Washington, DC and New York City, take photos of VIPs, interview them and do post event write-ups for a daily newsletter.  As sexy as that job sounded, it was one of the hardest and most fulfilling jobs I ever did.  It really gave me my knack for finding the scoop for my blog.

There are multiple facets to my personality and talents.

  • One thing even my friends don’t know is that I played the violin for 12 years.  I still do when I go home to Virginia to visit my folks.
  • I play soccer.  I played soccer for 10 years and after college, joined an intramural league.  I broke my fibula and tore all the ligaments in my ankle.  I know have a titanium plate holding my fibula together and a screw in my ankle.  If you thought wearing four and a half inch heels was challenging, try wearing them when you have titanium plate and screws in your leg.
  • I love photography.  I love portrait, landscape and food photography.  This is one passion I can never give up.  It shocks my blogger friends when I take the most ‘AMAZING’ street style photos for their blogs.
  • I also love cooking.  I can make everything from African food to French and Italian food. I make a mean gin martini and dabble in the art of cocktail.

I call both New York City and Washington, DC home.  In both cities, there are different gems that are an absolute must visit if you ever find yourself vacationing there.


New York City:

  • Ace Hotel: The Ace Hotel is one of my favorite places to go work during the day.  You could say they value entrepreneurs and bloggers.  I go to Stumptown Coffee in the lobby and work all day.  I break for lunch with one of their amazing sandwiches and coffee when I need a pick me up.
  • New York Public Library: I go to the main public library to work when I need silence.  If you need a space to be productive without interruption, this is the place to go.
  • Ilili: This restaurant has the best middle eastern food in the city.  It’s a communal atmosphere with small plates to share.   The baba ghannouj and chicken kebab are must haves.
  • Harry’s Cafe & Steak: This Financial District gem is amazing for not only the happy hour crowd but the steaks as well.  If you aren’t in the mood for dinner, head to the bar for signature cocktails made the old fashioned way.  Single gals will rejoice in the plethora of finance guys who frequent this spot after work.  During the weekends, they have an unlimited champagne brunch.

Washington, DC:

  • Graham Hotel: This new hotel in Georgetown is a must visit.  Sure it is a chic hotel but the most appealing part about this is the rooftop bar.  Come late summer, seek refuge from the bitter heat on the rooftop with cold cocktails.
  • Smith Point: This Georgetown institution is a fun nightlife spot on a Saturday night if you don’t like going to bars.  It’s list only but if you arrive before 11pm, you’ll be able to get in.  The Bush twins used to party there when their dad was in office.  Don’t let the reviews full you.  If you can get in, you’ll have a blast if you bring friends.
  • One Lounge: This DuPont Circle gem is a must visit if you love easy, yummy food, good drinks and an unpretentious atmosphere.  Seth McClelland, owner and chef, has turned the upstairs into a chic speakeasy type spot you can take your date.

FUZE is a refreshing combination of Iced tea, natural fruit flavors and vitamins B6 and B12. It’s a     perfect mix of ingredients, just like you.  FUZE. Never just one thing.


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