Editor’s Pick: Gucci Beverly T-Strap Pumps

June 13, 2013

Gucci Beverly T-Strap

After seeing The Great Gatsby five times, it’s safe to say my obsession with 1920s fashion has been heightened. It doesn’t help that Carey Mulligan flaunts her t-strap Saint Laurent heels on every red carpet.  The sexy t-strap is a must have for the girl who hates all the straps on strappy sandals.

For me, the patent Gucci Beverly T-Strap pump, which comes in six sumptuous colors plus several prints, is on the top of my list.  At $695, the Beverly will make a dent in your wallet but that’s just the price to pay for such a lovely beauty.  Come fall, these pumps will be the go-to for that little black dress, pant suit or just about anything in your closet.




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