How to Organize Sunglasses, Hair Tools and Jewelry

March 28, 2013

When it comes to extra space in my apartment, every inch counts.  Since moving into my new apartment, I’ve let my accessories hang about anywhere there is space with little regard to how to properly utilize every inch.  From my closet to my bathroom, figuring out how to neatly organize my space was a true conundrum that left me scratching my head each time I needed to find a pair of sunglasses, my favorite flat iron or a silk scarf to wrap my hair at night.

So a few web searches for DIY jewelry and appliance organizers gave me some absolutely amazing ideas that I’ve been trying out myself over the past two weeks.


The first project I found very easy to tackle was a do it yourself appliance organizer I found on Dream Green DIY.  Using simple things that can be found at Staples or Office Depot, I was able to neatly store my hair tools (blow  dryer, flat iron and brushes) neatly next to the bathroom sink.  All that was needed were 3M Command Hooks, a metal filing box and a pliers.

Jewelry Organizer

I never know what to do with my jewelry.  I bought a few Jonathan Adler organizing boxes to arrange my jewelry and though the bracelets and earrings have been neatly tucked away, my necklaces were still twisting and getting tangled with each other.  I found this easy DIY solution, which using a thin piece of wood that can be found at Home Depot, foam and a cute fabric to cover it up and twelve small pegs.  Use a hot glue gun to cover the wood with the fabric.  You can hang this anywhere in your bedroom or closet with two or three small nails.

Sunglasses Organizer

Organizing sunglasses is another problem that I was finally able to tackle thanks to a few ideas I found on Pinterest.  This one is so easy, even a caveman could do it.  Simply buy a large picture frame – you can buy bigger ones if you have a lot of sunglasses – take the backing out of it.  Use pretty silk ribbons or twine and tie them to the back of the frame using small nails hold them in place.  Hang your frame on the wall and organize your sunglasses.  This also doubles as nail art.

You don’t have to break the bank to find nifty organizing ideas.  Using Pinterest as a resource, I was able to find a lot of simple and easy tips and tutorials on how to make appliance, jewelry and other accessories organizers.  Also make sure to check out DIY blogs for inspiration.


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