Nashville ‘I’m Sorry for You My Friend’ Recap with David Hill plus bonus soundtrack

January 18, 2013


It’s no secret I’m obsessed with ABC’s hit show Nashville, starring Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton. The drama series takes us inside country music and the dealing and scheming necessary to stay on top or climb on top. Centered around country legend Rayna James (Britton) and rising star Juliette Barnes (Panettiere), we get to see two rivals, the latter trying to prove there’s more to her than bubble gum pop country and her looks. She goes as far as trying to steal Rayna’s lead guitarist, Deacon, who might have fathered one of Rayna’s children.

After much head clashing, the two divas collaborate on a new song for a tribute concert, which became an instant hit. This sparks the idea for a tour to reinvigorate Rayna’s fan base and give some street cred to Juliette’s reputation, which has taking a heavy beating after being caught on YouTube stealing nail polish and eloping with virgin football player Sean just so she could sleep with him. She’s trying so hard to be loved, especially since she had to fend for herself after her mom became addicted to drugs. As much as we root for her, you sometimes just want to slap her.

Rayna is not perfect but she is unraveling at the seams. Her husband (Teddy Condrad), the doormat and pushover, is running for mayor after her dad convinces him to. Some secrets of his come out in the process, including embezzling funds from a credit union he worked at and a faux affair that sends his co-conspirator (Peggy) to the emergency room for a suicide attempt. We also find out one of Rayna’s children belongs to another man that is not her husband, we’re thinking her longtime love Deacon. She states in the last episode that she’s not in love with her husband, who has now won the election to become the Mayor of Nashville. At the end of the episode, we see a strong attraction between him and Peggy. Is this an affair in the making? We hope so just so that Rayna can get it on with hotties Deacon or her new producer Liam McGuinnis.

There is another love triangle between two songwriters, Scarlett and Gunnar and rising rock ‘n roll star Avery, Scarlett’s ex. So I chatted up my friend David about last night’s episode on Gchat to catch you all up.


Glamazon: So let’s talk about last night’s episode of Nashville…

David: yeah – just recently caught up
Glamazon: omg i LOVE that show
love the songs
David: it’s grown on me
Glamazon: that and Scandal
David: yeah i like scandal
watched the first two deceptions and not that into it – cheap revenge knock off
Glamazon: really?
i was going to try and catch up on that
David: only giving it a few more episodes
Glamazon: yea i am going to catch up this week
love that song Love Like Mine that
Juliette’s sings on the show
and telescope
BUT i love the acoustic version Rayna’s girls sing for their talent show
Glamazon: oh and Wrong Song
David: Yeah the kids were good
Glamazon: I need them to sing something else. They are so good
I also want Rayna and that song producer to get it on
or Deacon
but i love the chemistry
David: I’m tired of the storyline with the love triangle with the young songwriters
Glamazon: OMG i know
Avery, Scarlet and Gunnar
I don’t like the two songwriters together
Gunner is too whiny
but then again I love Jonathan Jackson
David: The guys kinda look alike a d I start to forget which is which
Glamazon: ahaha
that’s country
Avery is the rocker
and Gunnar is the songwriter
and i guess Rayna’s youngest is Deacon’s child
David: And the stupid party about his brother in jail last night
Glamazon: or I guess the oldest one Maddie…
OMG that was so stupid
I can’t with that
I mean i know they are probably trying to give us more of Gunner’s background but I don’t know
Glamazon: Ok so back to Juliette Barnes. I am getting tired of them making her so bitchy
felt so bad for her husband.
Glamazon: That annulment story line reminded me a bit of the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries drama
David: I felt bad for her with the annulment
Glamazon: Ugh! Seriously? Why? She only married him so she could have sex with him. So skanky
David: He knew what he was doing
Glamazon: No he really loved her and she put on a good act Idk
not buying what Juliette is selling
but i do love her outfits in the show and her coy smile is so bitchy I want to grab her blonde extensions and slap her silly
such a diva

Our Favorite Songs from the Show

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