The Twitter Diaries: A Twenty First Century Novel for the Savvy Fashionista

September 12, 2012

Anything goes during New Year’s Eve! From hooking up with that unknown hottie you caught a glimpse of at the bar, taking an unknown substance with girls you just met in the bathroom, to taking a dip sans clothing in the rooftop hot tub (not admitting to doing any of the aforementioned acts), it is the night of reinventing old habits or truly creating new beginnings.  For Stella Cavill and Tuesday Fields, a chance meeting on New Year’s Eve sparked a friendship that would withstand the distance of an ocean, douchey boyfriends, catty co-workers and meddling mothers.

During the Labor Day weekend, I spent most of my afternoons sitting on my fire escape reading The Twitter Diaries, a novel so quirky, funny and deliciously fun enough to read through in one weekend.  My first thought when I heard the entire book was written in 140 characters each was, “Oh God! This book is going to be long and boring” So not the case.  The book follows two girls – one living in London as a reporter, the other in New York as a men’s shoe designer – who meet at a party on New Year’s Eve and continue their friendship after the party ends via Twitter direct messages.

I’m not going to spoil the book for you but think of it as a Bridgette Jones’ Diary for the modern girl.  The Twitter Diaries is the brainchild of Imogen Llyod Webber (daughter of my favorite musical composer Andrew Lloyd Webber) and her friend Georgie Thompson, two friends who decided to write a fictional novel while stationed on different sides of the Atlantic.  It took them a year and a few edits later, The Twitter Diaries was born. Twenty-something and thirty-something girls will relate to these two characters and the supporting cast.  From a playboy boss to the catty co-worker whose intimidated by your ambition to cheating boyfriends and mom’s who think marrying rich is the way to go.  I related to Stella, the shoe designer who is trying to get a movie star to tweet/follow her on Twitter and wear her shoes.  She’s basically trying to make it. The book reminded me of the relationship I have with my best friend Sasha, a news  reporter trying to make it despite the newsroom drama.

The Twitter Diaries is a book you will HAVE to share with your friends because you’ll want to talk about it, over and over, especially when making references.  It’s such a quick read, especially because of the 140 character conversations.  You’ll have a good chuckle, root and cheer for each of the darling girls. As a huge Kate Middleton fan, I love the British lingo in the book.  Pick up a copy of  The Twitter Diaries on Kindle or Hardcopy at You can also follow the characters Stella and Tuesday on Twitter.


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