Fashionably Fit: Dance Trance Your Way Into Shape

September 12, 2012

You tell yourself that tomorrow you will start your new workout regimen – tomorrow comes and nothing happens.  Perhaps, subconsciously, you are reluctant because you have not found an activity that exhilarates you.  I was lucky enough to find one that motivates me through a recommendation of my friend, Sarah Spear Sands, owner of Dance Trance DC. Sarah, a former lawyer and lobbyist on Capitol Hill, opened Dance Trance DC after her own battle with weight loss, stress, and the desire to encourage others to do what they love.

“I wish I had this program at my alma mater (Vanderbilt). I didn’t try Dance Trance until law school – a time when I was over-stressed and out-of-shape. A friend introduced me to Dance Trance and, in many ways, the program completely changed my outlook on life,” the memory makes her smile.  “Now I want to share that same gift with others.” ~ Sarah Spear Sands

When she told me about the workout it sounded interesting, but I thought it would be just another aerobic class.  I was completely wrong.  Dance Trance is fun, exhilarating, and empowering.  Put aside any of your preconceived notions of working out because Dance Trance and the talented staff will blow you away.

So what exactly is Dance Trance?  It is a high-intensity workout that mashes aerobics and choreography to top 40 hits. You dance and sing to your favorite songs with a different choreography for each song. The Washington, DC location is the 42nd studio for the nationally acclaimed dance fitness program.

I started Dance Trance a month ago and it has really changed my outlook on working out.  I no longer dread the early morning alarm, in fact I am ready to get up and go!  Dance Trance has been not only a physical workout, but also a great way to relieve stress.  If you are ready to make a fun change in your life go to For questions, please contact Sarah Spear Sands at 202-288-2268.

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