Caboodles Re-Releasing Its Very First Makeup Case

August 15, 2012

I’m going to be dating myself quiet a bit here but I can’t tell you how obsessed I was with my Caboodles plastic makeup box back in high school and middle school.  I used to pack it to the brim with Bonne Bell Lip Smacker flavored lipbalms – Dr. Pepper and Bubblegum were favorites – my CK One scented nail polishes, Max Factor lipsticks, Maybelline mascara and Love’s Baby Soft scents.  Yea!

My Caboodles makeup box went everywhere with me, from summer vacations to sleepovers and anything in between.  My adorable makeup box got lost in the shuffle when I went to college.  The brand is bringing back the nostalgia by releasing its very first makeup case from 1987.

The 25th Anniversary case will go up for sale on September 1st for Facebook fans and will retail for $25.  Only 1,000 of the “My First Love” Caboodles makeup case will be up for grabs so make sure to get yours before they’re gone for good.

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