Rainbow Sandals Go Retro for Spring ’13

July 23, 2012

Remember when Rainbow Flip-Flops were a must-have in high school and college? At the time, spending more than $20 on this summer staple was absurd.  I couldn’t ask my parents to buy them for me so I didn’t snag a pair until freshman year of college when I got a part-time job.  The brown leather sandals became part of my after school uniform, often pairing them with khaki skirts, Lilly Pulitzer dresses and jeans.

For spring ’13, the cool California surfer brand is reinventing itself with a retr0-inspired collection of its leather flip-flops. Instead of the signature smooth leather styles, Rainbow flip-flops will come in braided straps as well as metallic and glitter details.  They will be available at Zappos.com, Nordstrom.com and independent retailers and surf shops.  The ’80s inspired line will retail for $50 to $110.

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