Diesel Launches New Women’s Fragrance Loverdose

January 24, 2012

Diesel launched its latest women’s fragrance Loverdose (love + overdose) late last year, promising to ‘ignite a passion like never before.”  The perfume features notes of mandarin, star anise, gardenia, jasmine, licorice, vanilla, amber and wood.  Though I haven’t gotten a whiff of the scent, I am guessing it’s woody and a slightly sweet from the notes indicated. From the Diesel website, we learn that Loverdose is:

A spellbinding essence that makes the woman who wears it irresistible, and the man who comes near her fall madly in love… A new, subversive, unexpected women’s perfume. A true DIESEL signature.

Hmm…if this perfume will make me irresistible to any man who comes close enough to me, I need to snag myself a bottle, especially with the promise of him falling in love with me.  This perfume will surely be a hit come Valentine’s Day, when the gents will be scouring perfume counters for a scent for their main squeezes.  How about that beautiful flacon?

A heart of precious glass with ever-shifting pink-amethyst highlights. A detail like a secret: the black dagger piercing it. Cut like a diamond, the LOVERDOSE bottle can be stood up in three different positions.

Diesel has nabbed model Ashley Smith as the face of the advertising campaign.  Wearing nothing but denim (Diesel, of course), she covers herself with an over sized Loverdose flacon.  The fragrance comes in a 30ML, 50ML and 75ML bottles, and range in price from $50 to $85.

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