[Foot Notes] Stylish in the Rain with Melissa Shoes

August 2, 2011

 Brazilian shoe brand Melissa Plastic Dreams is the leader in ultra fashionable rain shoes for women.  The brand has been in existence for over 30 years and has collaborated with legendary designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Zaha Hadid, Theirry Mugler, Vivienne Westwood, Karim Rashid, Campana Brothers and most recently with American womenswear designer Jason Wu.  Now in its 32nd year of production, the Melissa brand has expanded to chic rain shoes for men as well.

What sets the brand apart from the other rain boots companies is the fact that all they manufacture are waterproof shoes.  On a recent trip to the showroom in Chelsea, I got the chance to preview the upcoming Fall 2011 collection as well as a few designer surprises I can’t say anything about.  The shoes are stylish, comfortable and don’t crimp one’s style during torrential rain storms.  I’ve been a Melissa wearer since discovering them on a visit to Ghana four years ago.  Upon my return to the States, I bid my Hunter and J.Crew Wellies goodbye (except in the winter time), and said hello to the colorful and sexy Melissa shoes.

Melissa Plastic Dreams are made in one piece, that means the entire shoe is poured into a mold, then as it cools down, bubble gum scented oil is added for a yummy scent every time you wear them.  The shoes don’t get stinky because of the padded plastic insole with the bubblegum scent that is infused into the shoe.  I have several pairs of these beauties in different styles, some purchased, others gifted and I can’t get enough of them.  I don’t mind getting my toes wet in my strappy Jean Paul Gaultier Melissa heels or the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania slingbacks during the Summer months because I always look stylish in the rain.

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