Scentsational: Aromatherapy with POND’S Wet Cleansing Towelettes

July 19, 2011

While I certainly appreciate high fashion, I’m super lazy when it comes to switching purses. I’m like a Girl Scout and  therefore always ready with a dozen “just in case” items — making a quick purse change anything but. Of all the things I carry, there’s a small group of absolute essentials – which I RARELY leave the house without. With good reason, running around New York in the summer (or harrowing winter!) without my POND’S Wet Cleansing Towelettes would be a nightmare.

A believer in aromatherapy, Pond’s wipes provide effective cleaning that’s easy to use, mixed with scents that calm and revitalize. If I’m running around during the day and want to freshen up, the Morning Refresh variety relieves my skin of sweat and dirt; leaving behind the refreshing duo of cucumber and citrus. After hours, the comforting balance of white tea and chamomile in Evening Soothe make the perfect night cap!

Amazon has them for around $11 for two 30-count packs so I stock up. I keep them in my handbags, next to bed, in the car, in office, at the gym… and probably a few other places! With the heat on the rise, these towelettes are a must-have to stay cute and cool.

How do you freshen up on-the-go?

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