Scentsational: Cult Classic – Calyx by Prescriptives

June 8, 2011


Of the five senses, I think the most useful aside from sight is scent. Certain smells can trigger memories about past experiences, foods, or even people. And while I love finding a new scent to add to my collection, there’s still nothing like an old favorite. In this case, the smell of Spring 2011 is Calyx by Prescriptives.

First making it’s debut in 1986, Calyx reminds me of family. My mother, aunt, and older sisters always had a few Prescriptives items on their vanities. Whenever I had the chance, I’d sneak in and fiddle with all the jars, tubs, and tubes of makeup until there wasn’t an inch of clean skin left on my face. When I was done with my ‘makeover’, I’d go through all the beautiful glass bottles, spritzing myself more than the ladies in the perfume area at Bloomie’s.

White Diamonds, CK One, Cashmere Mist, Calyx and Chanel No. 5. Like a nursery rhyme or favorite song, I said each of their names as I sprayed them in the air. Starting with delicious bites of guava, papaya and passion fruit, Calyx starts bright and citrusy. Strains of jasmine and marigold last after the fruity start, making it perfect as an everyday, daytime perfume.

I’m happy to say, Calyx has drifted in and out of my perfume rotation for years and happens to be one of the longest on the roster.

What are your scent staples?




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