Jetsetter Guide: Kimmie Smith’s Ten Travel Take-Alongs

June 7, 2011

Fashion and lifestyle blogger and accessories expert Kimmie Smith has been skipping town almost every other week since I met her.   The Kitten Lounge editor has been traveling across the country for guest hosting gigs on the Home Shopping Network to prep for her debut as a shoe designer.  She is collaborating with preppy boating shoe company Sebago on a women’s line that will be hitting stores this Fall.  I hung out with Kimmie earlier this week and asked her if she would be kind enough to give you, my readers, the scoop on her top ten travel take-alongs for long flights out of the country and in-state.  She dished about her favorite products, must have perfume, accessories to keep her looking chic on and off the flight and other tidbits worth snagging for yourself.

1. Many people think I travel with my Louis luggage but it’s a crime to have fabulous luggage that gets manhandled. I love my Tommy Hilfiger Luggage Fieldhouse I can carry it on my arm or wheel it around and it works whether it’s a long weekend, a week vaca or I’m packing for multiple on air segments

2. I ADORE large sunglasses and have quite a few pair from Marc Jacobs but they are a must on my flight as I wear them from the second I get passed TSA until I pop into the car to head to the hotel

3. I love lip balms and I’m LOVING Dior Addict ‘Lip Glow’ Color Reviver Balm which not only keeps my lips hydrated but based on your chemistry it gives your lips a nice natural tint so you’re camera ready –

4. Nepali by TDM has been my go to scarf source for a number of years and when I travel my throat must be covered no matter how hot it is outside – plus it pulls my look together

5. I always pack a pair of flip flops no matter the season and wear these during my flights to stay comfy Havaianas are a must and only in this style!

6. Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter is an essential as I am obsessed with soft skin but I love the aroma when I start getting cranky after the 3rd hour on the flight!

7. I love my shows and I can’t always be home to watch them so a flight is the perfect excuse to catch up on old favorites and new – all reality of course – iPad makes it possible.

8. As an Accessories Expert I can’t travel without my bling and a cocktail ring is a must, I’ve been obsessed with Virgins, Saints and Angels and love my San Benito ring that my boyfriend gave me a few months ago it’s always on my hand

9. I am all about comfort and love wearing graphic tees with yoga pants typically when I travel and am such a fan of Paul Frank whether I’m rocking Julius or his many friends!

10. I love getting off a flight and putting a little fragrance on and am never without my Coach Poppy Rollerball which fits into my bag and takes up no room whatsoever!

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