Re-Launching the De Beers Difference

April 28, 2011

Wedding season is upon us, which means couples will be making a bee line for jewelry boutiques to find the perfect rings for their upcoming nuptials.  It’s also Spring and with love in the air, men will be sneaking off to the same jewelry boutiques to find the perfect diamond to pop the question.  Making a decision on the right ring falls in the hands of two people, friends of the soon-to-be bride and the jewelers that will be helping pick out the ring.  For De Beers, this is a challenge that is as easy, stress-free and informative.  The British jeweler relaunched its website last week with a champagne and caviar preview reception at its Fifth Avenue flagship store.

The new De Beers website, for starters, is more sleek and intuitive and easy to navigate. Visitors can easily navigate to the appropriate section for what they’re looking for. For instance, a gentleman looking for the perfect ring can just click on the bridal section to design a ring and schedule a viewing or share the ring with friends and family to get their opinions via email.  Those looking to purchase a De Beers diamond for any other occasion can peruse the jewelry collection to view rings, necklaces, bracelets and other diamond confections.  The new site also has informative articles on ring selection, proposal etiquette, De Beers history and design and much more.

The highlight of the evening was getting the chance to see the De Beers Iris, a tool used by the LVMH owned jewelry house to analyze diamonds.  The De Beers Iris shines a beam of light through the diamond, illuminating all facets of it to create a kaleidoscope of moving light and shape. Perfect diamonds will have symmetrical patterns throughout and be crisp and clear, enabling the untrained eye to understand the concept of Fire, Life and Brilliance De Beers is known for.

In a De Beers diamond, the facets will light up at the same time, to the same intensity, showing that they are working perfectly and equally, building into an aesthetically pleasing kaleidoscopic form of absolute harmony that pays homage to the perfect balance and sacred geometry of nature. The De Beers Iris is an essential element of the total De Beers Diamond Jewellery experience.

The new De Beers site is available in five different languages and an e-commerce site for U.S. visitors.  The new website educates the consumer before he or she ever steps into the jewelry boutique, eliminating much of the anxiety and nervousness many might have prior to making a big diamond purchase.

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