Love the Label | A.P.C

March 11, 2011

A.P.C is so many things but over the top it is not. This French label’s focus in on easy, casual wear that is timeless and classic.  The label is a go-to staple with basic and subtle details, luxe fabrics and a great fit.  I love their clean aesthetic, which has become a go to for many of my friends here in NYC who want to build their weekend wardrobe. I’ve bought several sweaters, cardigans and accessories from the SoHo store but never really tried their denim or pants.  As many of you know, I rarely wear pants because of fit and just because I love dresses so much. Friends that do shop there swear by A.P.C’s well made premium jeans.

One A.P.C. denim wearer said: “What makes APC womens jeans so unique is that they are made from the very same premium rigid cotton that many of the finest mens jeans are made from.  The jeans are raw/unwashed, which may be a little scary at first for some of you due to its deep rich indigo hue and very stiff feel due to the singeing process post-sanforization (sorry, I have to drop at least a few technical terms here).”

Another said: “APC sort of embodies that effortless chic that some women have and others (myself for instance) dream about. The fit is slim, the shapes are simple and the cuts are so anti-sexy that they are sexy. There is a huge preponderance of cotton and a refreshing derth of spandex, sequins, and all things complicated. Yes… there are a lot of things in my dream world. And APC is one of them.”

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